Take control of IT problems and employee operating errors.

When you hire an IT partner to manage your network, you will need experts who will quickly address your problems. The dilemma for a small business owner is the expense of having IT consultants respond to your needs in a cost-effective manner. Having a consultant on-site or and employee on staff to fix every issue can be costly and may impact productivity.

5K Technical Services, offers a methodical approach to troubleshooting. We will promptly arrive on-site to verify, diagnose, document and repair your IT problems. We will respond to any issue from a printer jam to the most complex infrastructure issues. Once the problem has been resolved, we will take preventive measures to reduce the probability the issue will recur. You can expect to receive:

  1. A detailed explanation of the diagnosis.
  2. Details about what may have triggered the problem.
  3. Strategies to prevent the problem from recurring.
  4. Adequate training if necessary.

Having an IT consultant come out to a small business every time there is a minor problem is expensive and impacts productivity. 5K Technical Services offers a timely and cost-effective alternative: remote IT support. This simple tool allows us to administer and troubleshoot client networks without leaving our facilities.

We can log on to a network and resolve many common problems, such as application or printer errors and user authorization issues, without the delay or overhead associated with an on-site visit. In many cases we can also address user questions through our customized support portal, business email, or by telephone. Do not fret! If a critical problem requires an on-site visit, we also offer complete technical on-line support.

5K Technical Services, provides several alternatives for for small business to fit within their budgets and overall company’s needs.

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