Amber Cates

“5K More Than Paid For Itself! They Were 50% Less Monthly Than We Had Allotted For An Employed IT Professional”

Before 5K Tech came along, the staff called me when there was a technical issue. I would drop everything and try to figure out the problems; I’d call our ISP provider, our VoIP company, our alarm company, who would remotely log in to our computers, reset routers, change settings and schedule appointments.
In the end the answers were always there is nothing we can do because it’s the other guy’s fault. It was time consuming, stressful, and hard to manage.

5K came along and now I know it’s taken care of it. 5K keeps us updated on the progress of all our tickets, and proposes more efficient and cost-effective IT solutions. We haven’t worked with other IT firms in the past, so we have no basis for comparison, but we do know that, inside of a week, 5K more than paid for itself! We were on the fence with whether to hire an IT professional or choose 5K, and we chose 5K! Why? 5K’s pricing was 50% less monthly than we had allotted for an IT professional, but, it wasn’t just the cost that persuaded us. 5K offered solutions, 5K offered results, 5K, from the start, offered us so much more than any other IT professional would have been capable of. Encryption, monitoring, remote control of all PCs, backups, servers, IT troubleshooting, security training, malware/spyware installation and monitoring, and so much more! Day 1 and 5K nailed it! Corey is amazing and his team are awesome. We are ecstatic with our decision to choose 5K- it has proven time and again to be one of the best decisions we’ve made!

Administrative assistant
Good Vapes, Dallas, TX