Church Management Software


Church Management Software installation, commissioning and support

A unique area of specialization for 5K is our Church Management Software consulting practice. It’s our 5K Ministry™ Program, with three levels based upon your exact needs. We have provided IT services to churches and other non-profit organizations for years, and know the different providers and their packages very well. Even smaller churches can make use of some type of church management system (ChMS). A good software package will help manage membership, committees and groups, mailings, donations, events, learning, reporting and more. With dozens of vendors providing software of all types, it can be confusing which software fits your ministry and it’s initiatives.

Talk to 5K about our 5K Ministry Connect™ Services

What to do? Call 5K. We have experience with consulting, planning, installing, training and using many of today’s church and non-profit software options. And here’s something else unique about our 5K Ministry™ Program: we don’t resell, distribute or receive royalties from any software providers, so our assistance is objective. We are always looking out for you and your church or non-profit organization.

Church Software Consulting Services

  • 5K Ministry™ Connect: Our entry level service, we discuss your needs, help you determine a basic specification and project scope, and provide you with names of software packages that could meet your needs, along with their sales and technical contacts.
  • 5K Ministry™ Select: In addition to the services of Connect, we assist you through the evaluation and selection phase, and help you develop your implementation plan. This allows us to give you estimates for a full implementation so that you can budget and determine your path forward using your own resources, ours or others, and you can use our estimates as a guide.
  • 5K Ministry™ Serve: This is our full program including needs analysis, specification development, selection, implementation, testing and service plan. We provide every aspect of the implementation, from beginning to the end.
  • We:
    • Project manage the entire process
    • Coordinate interviews with your team members to get their input on critical needs
    • Generate custom RFPs to potential solution providers based on proven scoring process
    • Schedule demonstrations at your location with the top two-to-four potential providers
    • Facilitate the demos and coordinate peer references with like organizations
    • Help you choose the best package for your organization and guide purchasing process
    • Review reports your organization depends upon and the processes in place to generate those reports, and do the conversion into the new system
    • Complete implementation, testing and training using the new system

Church and Non-Profit IT Support Services

We also offer customized service plans based on your needs, as requested by your leadership. We can:

  • Create a strategic IT plan that’s aligned with your management/ Board goals, mission, and vision while staying within your budget, in order to help you make the most of your IT investment
  • Monitor and maintain your business IT systems to detect and resolve any IT issues that may occur while ensuring you’re able to avoid disruption and downtime. Even with aging systems, we help you to maximize your investments
  • Safeguard your network with managed anti-virus software and firewalls designed to combat emerging threats, including malware, viruses, spyware and even employee/volunteer misuse or abuse
  • Protect and backup your data including donor and volunteer information, onsite and offsite, to prevent data loss or theft while ensuring recoverability
  • Ensure anytime access to data and applications using secure remote access solutions to give your staff members the ability to perform work-related tasks in the office, at home, or on the go