9 Things We Do Better

  1. Real Local People
    Our technical support staff is local, not remote in another state or foreign country. So we can resolve your issues immediately. No time will be lost by waiting to get your issue reported through automated services.
  2. Worry Less
    We will handle all aspects of your technology. By using vendor management, we take care of your specialized software, internet connection, website development, maintenance, and any other technology needs you may have. Your company will only need to contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.
  3. Less Expensive Than Hiring a Full-Time Computer Support Person
    By outsourcing your computer support to 5K Technical Services, we can save you thousands of dollars in full-time employee salaries and benefits.
  4. Repairs Quickly
    Our remote computer support services give us easy access to your IT network and in most cases we can provide same-day service.
  5. No Tech Talk
    Our IT support technicians will answer all your computer support and maintenance questions in layman’s terms. No Geek Speak interpreters required.
  6. Satisfaction Guaranteed
    We strive to make our customers love our products, technology, service, and IT consulting. If you are not completely satisfied with our support from A-Z we want to know.
  7. No Surprises
    Your network or data will not be damaged. We evaluate potential risks, explain them clearly, and wait for your authorization before any work begins.
  8. We’re ahead of schedule and on Budget
    No added or hidden charges! We guarantee the completion of your IT support project ON BUDGET and ON TIME! The success of your company is our priority.
  9. Accurate Invoices
    Your invoice will be accurate and free of billing surprises since all IT management services are pre-approved before work begins.