Strategic IT Consulting


Do you need CIO-level guidance reviewing your IT framework or evaluating new technology?

Look no further than 5K’s Strategic IT Consulting services. As your “virtual CIO” we evaluate, access and maximize new IT technology in a way that makes sense for your business. If you are expanding or merging multiple IT environments, or wanting to move away from legacy applications, we’ll work as part of your team to understand business needs. Then we’ll evaluate strategic opportunities, assist with budget planning and ROI calculations, and implement the technology to meet or accelerate business objectives.

We also provide IT Technology Reviews and IT Audit Consultation to respond to questionnaires for third-party and regulatory agencies, including consultation and support to prioritize remediation.

Protecting the Company: Security and ROI in IT Systems and Applications

Your data and processes could be the most important assets your company owns. IT consulting from 5K can help put a strong plan in place to secure them and move them forward.

  • Does your ability to service customers depend on dated or fragile technology?
  • Have applications been developed in a shadow IT program to avoid company controls?
  • Will applications work for a critical process or withstand a potential security threat?
  • Would your project meet company goals in a post-implementation ROI audit?
  • Are Disaster Recovery processes up-to-date and tested for business continuity?

These are questions we are fully qualified to help you answer, from both the business and technology perspectives.

Developing Your IT Technology Plan

A well-designed technology plan can help your organization achieve its mission for growth and market position. Our systematic approach to helping you envision your technology goals, determine your current technology reality, create your technology plan, and prioritize and implement change will help reduce your organization’s technology costs and ensure security while improving ROI. Our subscription model provides more expense predictability than a consultant-type time and expense model.

  • We perform a detailed analysis of your current IT environment and learn about your business. We provide a detailed analysis of technology, reporting on issues and actionable items.
  • Document IT systems, including hardware inventory, software audit, third-party vendors, service providers, and support channels
  • Review security and disaster recovery position
  • Assess service history
  • Identify immediate and future needs
  • Identify initial systems maintenance, projects and remediation required to stabilize your technology
  • Develop strategic planning framework and initial guidance based on “Best Practices Research”
  • Look for balanced perspective on proven solutions, technology evolution and risk/ROI
  • IT systems monitoring 24/7/365
  • Acquisition and analysis of performance data
  • Patch management and critical security updating
  • Disaster Recovery management
  • Managed assets and licensing
  • Routine system maintenance
  • Unlimited remote and on-site service
  • Training of staff - policies and procedures
  • Tighten network security policies
  • Establish disaster recovery plans and procedures
  • Test and validate procedures
  • Design systems providing fewer points of failure
  • Implement support mechanisms for faster response
  • Use technology to improve operations and productivity
  • Quarterly meetings to discuss future business and IT requirements
  • Strategic planning and guidance
  • You retain as much of the visibility into the process and management of your systems as you choose