Voice over IP Phone Systems


Voice-over-IP Phone Systems, Unified Communications

If you’re still suffering with the cost and limitations of an outdated office phone system or using multiple systems to handle different types of communication, talk to 5K. Our cloud-based Voice-over-IP (VoIP) communication systems deliver a full set of comprehensive business features from one easy-to-use interface. You get HD-quality voice and video calling, file sharing, collaboration, conferencing, mobility, and even instant messaging (text and video) and faxes, from one system.

Moving to Cloud-Based VoIP

With any new system (we are authorized to sell and service multiple brands), transitioning from your old PBX or hardware-based VoIP system is part of our service. We connect your computers and IP phones to your network, install applications on your smart devices (including users’ personal smartphones) and connect it to your office phone network for complete end-to-end connectivity. Configuration and ongoing services can be done locally or remotely from a computer or smartphone for users in any office location.

VoIP Security

We are data security experts and security is integral with our VoIP systems. Our systems meet the highest certification and compliance standards, including redundancy for Maximum Availability and massive scalability that ensures business continuity as you grow. 5K monitors your VoIP system 24/7 and we are always available for system service and changes.

With the advent of global connectivity comes the need for speed on your internal network, along with hardened internal security requirements. When we install your VoIP system, we will confirm your ability to service your remote users’ requests for data quickly and securely, preventing unauthorized intrusion attempts utilizing Intrusion Detection, Virtual Private Networking and Advanced Firewalling techniques.