Network Security


Protect your business from network security weaknesses

Business networks are targeted every day by hackers, phishing, malware attacks and viruses. Small- and medium-sized businesses are always the hardest hit because most don’t have the network security in place that big companies do.

Don’t be that company - protect yourself from these issues and much more with 5K Secure™ Services. Affordable and effective, 5K Secure™ Services provide “big company security” and ironclad, enterprise-level protection against threats to your networks, systems and data.

Introducing 5K Secure™ IT Services

There are three levels of 5K Secure™ Services to fit the needs of your business. We start with a Network Security Assessment to identify weaknesses in your networks, devices and software. If you’ve already been compromised, we’ll immediately develop a plan to remediate your systems and get them protected from further threats. From that point, 5K starts protecting you from threats before they reach your network, including Managed Firewall and Anti-Virus solutions in our Base Managed Security.

Upgrade to 5K Secure™ Advanced for a more granular, device-level protection, file integrity monitoring and Intrusion Detection. If you are in a highly regulated business, such as financial services or a medical practice, consider our 5K Secure™ Professional Compliance, which will help ensure your networks and software are in compliance with your appropriate standards.

Select your 5K Secure™ Service Level

  • Threat and Malware Detection – secure your business from online threats and hackers
  • Anti-Virus solutions – keep malware, spyware and viruses locked out
  • All the features of 5K Secure Base, plus:
  • Network and Host-based Intrusion Detection, Web Filtering
  • Secure Access Preferences – including virtual private networks (VPN), VLans, encryption, application-level access control and mac-address access control
  • Host Configuration Management
  • Log Management, Monitoring and Archive
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Dark Web Scans
  • Compliance Programs for PCI-DSS, ISO, SOX, HIPAA and NIST
  • Penetration or Susceptibility Testing – we pinpoint weak spots in your network and recommend solutions to fix them
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

5K Secure™ Offers:

  • 24/7 Active Monitoring and Reporting
  • Regular Scans, Security Updates, and Log Monitoring
  • Email Protection, Archiving and Encryption
  • Managed Firewalls and Web Filtering
  • Wireless Information Security
  • Backup Testing