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We will Cut Through the Confusion, Myriad
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At no charge, we will come to your office to conduct a detailed review of your current phone system, telephone bill, internet connection and network setup. We’ll also analyze how calls are currently being handled and your “dream list” of what you would like to happen when a client or a prospect calls your office. Based on what we discover, we’ll research multiple options and come back to present you with an action plan and 2 or more phone system options to help you save money and get the results you want. We will NOT try to sell you a “one-size-fits-all” system but instead recommend a phone system we are supremely confident in to deliver the service, cost savings and quality you want.

Why? Because we stand behind all of our phone systems with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy after using our system for 6 months, we’ll remove it and refund 100% of the money you paid us AND help you transition to another phone system provided by us or another service provider. Obviously, we’re highly motivated to recommend the RIGHT system for you and ensure you’re thrilled with its performance.

That said, I want to be very clear that there are no expectations on our part for you to do or buy anything when you sign up for a Free VoIP Assessment. We don’t expect everyone to become a client; we also know that providing value in advance – NOT heavy sales pressure – is the best way to build relationships with potential clients like you, which is why we offer this Free Assessment. If nothing else, this Free Assessment will put you in a much better position to make an informed, intelligent decision on whether or not you should upgrade your phone system, if your network is capable of handling VoIP AND which option(s) will work best for you.

At the end of our Free Assessment, you’ll know:

  • The EXACT and TRUE amount of money you will save by switching to VoIP, and ALL the costs that are associated with selecting a VoIP phone system. In most cases, we save our clients between 10% and 50%. But most important, we’ll show you a complete and true picture of ALL costs factored in, not just your phone-bill savings, which is what most other VoIP salespeople focus on to avoid talking about other costs involved in moving to their system.
  • If a VoIP phone system will truly work in YOUR specific environment. Every office and network is different, so it’s critical that you get a thorough assessment of your entire network, including your bandwidth and internet connection, firewall, system use, volume of calls, features you need, etc., etc., etc. That’s why we run tests in YOUR specific environment to make sure you won’t experience garbled sound, dropped or missed calls, echoes and dozens of other VoIP problems.
  • If you have the right internet connection and network configuration to use a VoIP phone without problems. We’ll do a complete analysis of your current internet connection and computer network to determine if you have sufficient bandwidth to operate a VoIP system without issues, and to look for any other factors that may negatively impact a VoIP phone system from working properly.
  • What the BEST phone system is for you – and what features you need – based on how you do business. If you’re running a call center, you will have different needs than if you’re a doctor’s office. If you have remote workers and a sales team that travels extensively, there are features that can help you keep these employees connected. Do you want to record calls coming in for quality and training purposes? Does your front desk get overloaded with calls during certain times of the day or year? Do you absolutely need to have your phones answered live? Would you like to have your voice-mail messages sent to your in-box or typed out? These are just a few of the features available.
  • How you can increase sales, lead conversion and customer happiness. Part of our Communication Assessment will reveal ways for you to instantly and easily recapture lost revenue and sales opportunities through better phone-handling practices. We’ll look at how your company is currently handing (or mishandling!) phone calls from prospects and clients alike and show you easy ways to make more money without spending another dime on marketing or advertising.

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